Breath - Strength - Focus

Huntsville, Alabama


Balance Ranger Yoga was developed by Ranger Veteran Michael Streeter. Through years of Astanaga Yoga, he learned how to manage his PTSD, TBI, and Chronic Pain. He learned how to make his mind work for him and not against him. Streeter, as everyone calls him, wants to help everyone stop the suffering one breath at a time. He wants to give his students the tools to manage things through their physical and mental yoga practice. ​


At Ranger Yoga I teach you how to take what we do on your mat and apply it to your journey through life. We teach you through Breath, Strength, and Focus. When we come to our mat we will experience challenging parts of the Asanas. I teach you how to Breathe through the challenge. Use engagements in the posture. Focus on the breath and the Body to experience the posture with your whole body and mind. 

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10 minutes of suffering or

10 years... it's your choice

-Quote adapted from Bikram Choudhury

Honoring Veterans: Retired U.S. Army Sergeant, Michael Streeter

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